CityAM – Go regional with new runways

CityAM, 14 September 2016

[Re: Forget Heathrow versus Gatwick – government should look at issues outside of the South East, Monday]

Saad Hammad of FlyBe claims that “Gatwick has not been progressive about regional connectivity”. In our analysis of the airport expansion options, Powering up the Engines: Investing in regional infrastructure to drive UK growth, we argue that creating a pattern of connected regions, each with their own internationally-connected airport, is essential in order to spread the benefits of growth throughout the country. We conclude that expansion at Gatwick is vital in conjunction with other regional infrastructure projects, and offers greater benefits to the regions than expansion at Heathrow. Gatwick itself has been vocal about the benefits of regional airport expansion and The Channel Group supports their strategy.

Thomas Dempster, partner, The Channel Group