CityAM – Nato numbers

CityAM, 13 July 2018

[Re: Trump claims Nato spending win after US President warned over US membership]
As Donald Trump calls for Nato members to spend more on defence, it is important to consider where the US currently spends its 3.5 per cent of GDP. According to figures from the US Department of Defense, even the flagship European Deterrence Initiative only accounts for 0.67 per cent of the US defence budget. The majority being spent at home or in the Pacific. Only five per cent of US personnel are stationed in Europe – it is Japan that hosts the largest number. By contrast, almost all defence expenditure by European Nato members occurs in the North Atlantic area. All Nato members should meet the two per cent target but it must be noted that large proportion of the US’s 3.5 per cent is spent elsewhere.
T H Dempster