Daily Telegraph – A vote to leave the EU will put jobs in danger

The Daily Telegraph, 12 June 2016

SIR – Britain is soon to vote on its continued membership of the EU. For the sake of our economic security, we urge people to vote Remain.

Over the past six years we have experienced a period of unprecedented economic growth. This has helped us to create 2.4 million jobs, made Britain an excellent place in which to do business and helped our communities to flourish. None of this would have been possible without our membership of the European single market. The Leave campaign has made clear that it will leave the single market and put all of this at risk.

A vote to leave the EU will put jobs in danger. Prices will rise, mortgages will be at risk and funding for local schools and hospitals will fall. This is a risk that we, as Conservative councillors, are not willing to take with our economy and the health of our local communities.


Cllr Thomas Dempster & 164 others